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Why Nica?

Space to spread out
With miles of untouched shorelines, San Juan del Sur Nicaragua is the perfect location for beach goers who are tired of the over populated beaches.  If you have no desire to bump elbows with the “big guy” in a speedo every time you roll over, you definitely need to come visit.  At Nica Sail and Surf we have the perfect setup to get you and your group to remote beaches, many times you’ll have the entire beach all to yourselves.

You’ll find that most people (especially in the US) will raise an eyebrow and look at you funny if you mention going to Nicaragua.  For whatever reason, it has earned unjustified reputation for being dangerous, corrupt and unstable.  When in actuality Nicaragua is known regionally as being the safest country in Central America – even safer than Costa Rica.  Its true that Nicaragua had some turbulent times, but it has since stabilized.  The government has begun to realize that the more tourism that occurs, the more money the country will have, this has given them reason to become more stable. The locals in San Juan del Sur welcome tourists realizing that their economy has started to thrive on tourism.  Unlike Mexico, various street vendors won’t heckle you or be pushy to come into their shop. 

Marine Life
San Juan del Sur a great place for anyone who enjoys marine life.  Humpback whales, dolphins, and sea turtles just to name a few.  Its true that you can go to the top of a cliff and peer down to the water with some binoculars but why not get up close and personal?  We’ll take you out and get right in the middle of their activity.  It’s really a sight to see when the dolphins start dancing on the water and shrieking aloud.  Its estimated that the western coast of Nicaragua produces between 1-2 million baby sea turtles each year.  Similar to salmon, the sea turtles return to the exact location where they were hatched each year to lay eggs.  Its truly a phenomenon and can’t be witnessed in many places around the world.

If you’re not familiar with the weather on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, you might be a little skeptical about the lack of air conditioning some places advertise.  DO NOT WORRY! The average high temperature is in the mid 80’s and with the cool breeze blowing off the Pacific Ocean its usually pleasant.  Most hotels and houses have air conditioning in the bedrooms, so, if that’s a big concern to you, make sure you ask before you arrive.

Nicaragua is rapidly becoming known world wide as a prime surfing destination.  The offshore trade winds blow more than 330 days per year.  This consistency helps create the perfect environment for awesome surfing . With more than 15 surfing locations our fingertips, we know when, where and how, the surfing will be based on a number of factors.  We have a passion for surfing and sailing at Nica Sail and Surf, and we’ve been here long enough to know where to go no matter what type of surf you’re looking for.  Whether you’ve never surfed before or you surf on the ASP World Tour we would love the opportunity to show you just how awesome the surfing here can be. 

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