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Q:How long to the tours last?
A: We have 2 tours which are the most popular. Our "Half Day" trip leaves the dock around 1:00 and returns at 6:00. Our "Full Day" trip departs at 11:00 and returns at 6:00

Q: We are coming in on a cruise liner and are wanting to take a trip, can you accommodate our schedule?
A: Absolutely! just email us with the details and we'll make it work, provided we don't already have a trip scheduled.

Q: Is food and drink included in the price?
A: You bet! Our full day trip includes an awesome meal which usually consists of any combination of fish, chicken, shrimp, lobster, pasta, gallo pinto, fresh veggies, and some great breads. Our full and 1/2 day trips include an open bar (that means drink until you're heart's content) including local beers, rum drinks, and sometimes we'll have whiskey or vodka. We also serve fresh snacks and appetizers on both trips. This usually consists of chips / salsa, fresh fruit, and always fresh ceviche. If San Juan del Sur had a ceviche making contest, we're pretty certain we'd win!

Q: I have dietary restrictions, are you able to accomodate these needs?
A: We understand that people have food allergies, and we will do our best to accommodate them. However, please remember that Nicaraguans typically don't have similar allergies, so procuring specialized items can be a challenge. Just let us know your circumstances a few days in advance and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

faq 2Q: What is the cost per person?
A: The 1/2 day trip is $80 USD, and the Full Day trip is $135 USD

Q: Is there a minimum number of passengers to take the boat out?
A: Yes, we do have a 6 person minimum, if you don't have 6 people chances are we can round up some others to go with you. If not, you can pay for 6 in order to satisfy the minimum.

Q: We want to be the only group on the boat, what is the cost?
A: In order to guarantee that no other groups go along, you will need to secure 6 additional spots in addition to the number of passengers in your group. Example: 6 people pay for 12, 7 people pay for 13, etc. So for easy math just use the following (additional $480 for a 1/2 day trip and an additional $810 for a full day trip, that's in addition to the number in your group).

faq 2Q: What do we do on the tours?

A: We'll set sail from San Juan Bay (either north or south depending on trip, weather, etc). While sailing, everyone relaxes while we do all the work. We almost always throw a couple of fishing lines off the back of the boat while under sail and try our luck with some fish. If we land some, you can always bet it'll be fresh ceviche within an few minutes! It really doesn't get much better! Once we get to our destination, we'll drop anchor and people are free to snorkel, swim around the boat, swim into shore, or just relax on the boat.

Q: Will we see any wildlife?
A: We almost always see dolphins. They come to the boat and swim right next to it. They love the feeling of the boat pushing them through the water. We also see sea turtles and whales on a regular basis.

Q: Is there shade on the boat?
A: Yes, passengers have full access to the "inside area" of the boat and the cockpit is completely covered with a shade canopy. We also have 2 restrooms on the boat.

Q: What if it rains?
A: Usually when it rains, showers just pop up and leave. Everyone is welcome to wait it out inside the boat or in the covered cockpit area. Some of our most memorable trips happened during rain showers.

Q: Does Nica Sail and Surf cancel trips?
A: Very rarely. The only reason we would cancel a trip is because the winds are blowing out of the east, causing rough waters or unsafe sailing conditions. If this happens, obviously you will not be expected to pay. We cannot make the call until the morning of the trip, we will do our best to inform you via email.

faqQ: Is the captain / crew experienced?
A: Captain Zach is probably one of the best sailors you'll ever meet! He and his crew sailed our boat "Must B. Crazy" all the way down from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida through the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, and back up to Nicaragua. Did we mention it was in the middle of hurricane season? Ask him about it!

Q: How many people can fit on the boat?
A: Being a 38' catamaran, the Must B Crazy can comfortably fit 25 passengers.

Q: What happens if the wind dies?
A: Luckily the winds are perfect for sailing, however, if they become too light, we'll just drop the sails and use the boat's motors to get where we're going.

Q: Can kids come along?
A: Sure, we enjoy having kids experience sailing! Kids under 5 pay half price. We do however ask that parents maintain control, and responsibility for their children at all times.

faq 6Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: We do not require a deposit on day trips. We do however ask that you inform us if your plans change. We will sometimes ask for a deposit on multi-day charters and private trips.

Q: Can I pay with credit card?
A: We do not accept credit cards on our standard day trips, so please plan accordingly to bring US dollars. We do at times accept credit cards for large groups and private charters.

Q: Should we tip the crew?
A: By all means, please do. They will work very hard to keep you happy and try their hardest to make sure that everyone has a fun, memorable experience. If they take care of you, please take care of them.

Q: We are interested in a multi day trip, what is the cost?
A: The costs usually range from $200 per person to $350 per person per 24 hours (depending upon the time of year) and there is a 4 person minimum. Those prices include all food and soft drinks. Alcohol can be brought aboard, or we can sell it to you for our cost.

Q: We'd like to custom tailor a trip around the world, can you guys accommodate that?
A: You bet! Let us know where you want to go first!

Q: How far in advance should we book?
A: The farther the better! From November through August we fill up extremely quick! I would recommend booking as soon as you decide its something you'd like to to. We'd hate for you to "miss the boat"!

Q: Where and when do we meet?
A: You'll meet one of our hosts 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time (Departure times are 11:00 for the Full Day trip and 1:00 for the 1/2 day trip).

Our meeting place is at the south end of the beach front road, directly across the street from the entrance to the new port facilities. We will meet on the porch of the building shown below. Please don't go into the building, as its a government office and they get rather grumpy when tourists randomly walk in. But they're very happy for us to meet on the porch!

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