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Meet the Crew

byronCaptain Zach, A.KA. “The Blonde Bombshell”

Captain Zach could show up at a Christmas party wearing a peg leg and a parrot on his shoulder and nobody would be surprised.  He’s probably spent more of his life on the water than on land, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.  Zach doesn’t always navigate through the Caribbean, on a catamaran, in the middle of hurricane season, but when he does, rest assured the trip will end safely as planned.

Gerardo, A.K.A. “Captain G”

Captain G is one of those guys you want on your team. He laughs in the face of danger, rides a surfboard smaller than your feet, and sails the catamaran like its embedded in his DNA. Did we mention that he's ranked internationally as a top player of Settlers of Catan? Gerrardo has been with us from the beginning and knows these waters like nobody else. He will make sure your trip will be one never to be forgotten.


Brandon, A.K.A. “B-Man”

This rootin tootin shotgun shootin Texas native knows his way around a BBQ.  His love of boats is second only to his love for Bentley and Bronco, two of the coolest black lab pups on the plant.  When times get tough, he’s the guy who breaks out his wallet……thanks B-Man.

Byron, A.K.A. “DDDJ Byron”

Byron, also known as “The Man” pumps out the good times and the Mai Tai’s like its his job.  Oh wait, it is his job and he’s darn good at it too.  If you’re lucky enough to sail with this guy, be sure to scarf down some of his secret ceviche on board, its legendary.


Emilie, AKA “The Executive”

Emilie's bold personality, quick wits, and amazing organizational skills would make any fortune 500 company jealous. She listens to us complain, tends to our wounds and keeps things moving at the speed of Nicaraguan light. Emilie can be summed up on one simple statement. "Speak softly, walk quietly, kick ass, and party when necessary" If you don't see her, look forward, she's usually one step ahead of you.

Mikey, A.K.A. “Hollywood”

You might think that Mikey wandered off a movie set in LA. And the truth is, he may have. Part man, part fish, part question mark. The one thing that we can guarantee when Mikey is on board (other than a marine biology lesson) is a GOOD TIME.


Carolyn, AKA “The Mai Tai Fairy”

Have you ever seen drinks magically appear in your hand and wondered "how'd that get there?" If so, it's highly likely that Carolyn fluttered over, took your empty glass and handed you a full one when you weren't looking. With a heart of gold and abs of steel Carolyn will be the object of any sailor's affection.

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