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Meet the Crew

gerardo Gerardo, A.K.A. “Captain G”

Captain G is one of those guys you want on your team. He laughs in the face of danger, rides a surfboard smaller than your feet, and sails the catamaran like its embedded in his DNA. Did we mention that he's ranked internationally as a top player of Settlers of Catan? Gerrardo has been with us from the beginning and knows these waters like nobody else. He will make sure your trip will be one never to be forgotten.

byron Byron, A.K.A. “DDDJ Byron”

Byron, also known as “The Man” pumps out the good times and the Mai Tai’s like its his job.  Oh wait, it is his job and he’s darn good at it too.  If you’re lucky enough to sail with this guy, be sure to scarf down some of his secret ceviche on board, its legendary.

Juliette Juliette, AKA “The Streak”

Juliette makes the Energizer bunny look like a sloth. There is no slowing down, there are no breaks, and she cranks out spreadsheets with the productivity of a Chinese toy factory. She's the epoxy in our fiberglass. Without her superior management skills, NSS would be under water, literally. And if thats not enough work for her, she's also the proprietor of a local pub in town called Republika. Infused craft rums, fresh cocktails and beer that will freeze your brain are just a few reasons you should swing by, in addition to meeting The Streak.

Jess Jess, A.K.A. “La Unicoma”

Part mystical bikini designer, part booking manager, full on business woman in the costume of a super model. Not only does Jess manage the flood of emails and phone calls that come in, but she has a world famous apparel shop in San Juan del Sur. If you're in the market for some styles that make the Paris runways look boring, pop in to her shop, Moietti.

Zoe Zoe, AKA “The Tinkerbell of Mai Tais”

Named after Zoemba, the Nicaragua goddess of surfing, Zoe is the rising star of Nica Sail and Surf. She surfs, she travels, and every now and then Zoe's mom contacts us to track her down. Relax mom, Zoe's got it under control. Cell phones don't work while she's surfing or sailing. Right when you're imagining a fresh bowl of ceviche, Zoe appears out of thin air and makes the magic happen. POOF - cevichepalooza.

Christian Christian, A.K.A. “International Man of Mystery”

Christian has traveled the globe far and wide. You might catch him at Burning Man one week, and The Full Moon party the next. Not only has he taken our social media to the next level, he can mix drinks faster than you can click LIKE. If you get the pleasure of sailing with him, you'll never see the bottom side of your glass!

zachCaptain Zach, A.KA. “The Blonde Bombshell”

Captain Zach could show up at a Christmas party wearing a peg leg and a parrot on his shoulder and nobody would be surprised.  He’s probably spent more of his life on the water than on land, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.  Zach doesn’t always navigate through the Caribbean, on a catamaran, in the middle of hurricane season, but when he does, rest assured the trip will end safely as planned.

brandon Brandon, A.K.A. “B-Man”

This rootin tootin shotgun shootin Texas native knows his way around a BBQ.  His love of boats is second only to his love for Bentley and Bronco, two of the coolest black lab pups on the plant.  When times get tough, he’s the guy who breaks out his wallet……thanks B-Man.

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